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Russell Westbrook talks about his passion for fashion

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

CBS News published a great article looking into Russell Westbrook's interest in the world of fashion and how it plays into his lifestyle with the NBA. Here are some of the highlight quotes from Russ:

My whole thing is not trying to dress like anybody else," he said. "Try to find a niche and find something that I like. But also, you know, not looking too crazy. Have a happy medium between both.

Fashion for me is just like another way, obviously outside of basketball, to express myself," he said. "Be creative, have some ideas, have fun, and put on some clothes!

Duthiers asked, "Did you have a style icon? Did you see somebody on TV and just say, 'Man, he looks cool. I want to dress like that'?"

"My mom," Westbrook replied. "That was it. My mom always dressed nice. I followed her lead. She was always fresh. She even dressed my dad up, make sure he was looking nice."

The NBA is considered the most fashion-forward of any professional sports league, and competition among players has spilled from the court to the closet. To prepare for his five minutes on the arena catwalk, Westbrook spends nearly an hour picking out his clothes.

"So I grab a shirt, I grab a jacket, I grab jeans, see where I'm going to start from" he said. "And then kind of look at the colors in the shirt and then go look at the shoes. It usually takes one or two times to kind of figure out a combination of what I like."

Is it a surprise to anyone that Russ spends an hour picking out his game day outfit?