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Kevin Durant has plenty of motivation this summer

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Slater has a piece up at The Oklahoman that really encapsulates the way Kevin Durant seeks motivation for his performance on the NBA court. Here's some of KD's comments and thoughts as the Oklahoma City Thunder wrapped up their season:

  • "I'm definitely pissed," a surly Durant said at his exit interview on Thursday morning. "I've heard a lot of stuff over this time I've been injured from everybody, from different people. So I can't wait for the first game (of next season)."
  • I like reading that stuff because I get upset," Durant said. "And I play well when I get really, really upset.
  • When asked about Russell Westbrook's great season, he complimented his co-star, but then said: "I couldn't really enjoy it as much because when I watch TV I hear all this you comparing two teammates together all the time. It's kinda tough to watch it sometimes. Then I hear everything about if Russ playing well, I'm getting traded and all this other stupid stuff."
  • "It's kind of like a balance that I use," Durant said. "I use it for fuel sometimes because I know most of it's bull**** and I know most of the people don't really know the game like I know it...(But) like I said, it's a balance I have to have in between getting too mad and just letting that distract me and take that away from how I play and using that as fire as well. So I've heard it all. And I can't wait to play again."