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Oklahoma City Thunder 2014-15 season: It Ends

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The Thunder season ends.


The Thunder season didn't technically end on that February 6th night when Anthony Davis hit that 30 foot, buzzer-beating, double-clutch, Kevin Durant blanketed 3-point shot. In reality the season was lost in all sorts of little ways that spread themselves throughout an agonizingly tough season. But it sure feels this way, because that shot gave the Pelicans the head-to-head victory over the Thunder, which meant that OKC had to finish 1 game ahead of New Orleans to make the playoffs, a goal which OKC did not accomplish.

That shot, that ridiculously difficult, game winning shot, was the only 3-pointer Davis made all season long. And Davis affirmed his ascension tonight by swatting away a determined San Antonio Spurs team that was chasing the #2 seed.

The Pelicans move on. They earned it. The Thunder stay home for the first time since the 2008-09 season.

We've got a long summer ahead.