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Russell Westbrook: "You see my hat?"

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You see my hat?

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You see my hat?
You see my hat?

Russell Westbrook has many jobs.

  • "My job is to come out and play."
  • "My job is to stay in attack mode and try and score and try to make plays happen."
  • "My job is to make Thunder believe."
  • "My job is to compete at a level every night that I don't think anyone else can."
  • "My job is to do that every single night."

And of course, when you have many job roles, you must wear many hats. But don't ask Russ to wear a Spurs hat. You see the hat he's wearing?

While Westbrook clearly will not be wearing any San Antonio hats now or in the near future, he just might be willing to wear some other hats.

OK, that's not a hat, Russ.

Here is the hat that Westbrook stole from the Pope.

Or, if not a Spurs hat, what about the Hotspur?

And if not a Spur or a Hotspur, what about a Turd? As in Turd Ferguson?

Ok Bill Champion, this is just shameless.

Russ would only where UCLA attire if we're talking about college, but Voltron is not out of the question.

Now this hat seems perfectly sensible. Maybe too sensible.

Of course one of the more famous funny hat-wearers is Pharrell Williams and his Mountie hat:

But honestly, that seems too derivative. And one thing that Russell Westbrook, fashion visionary is not, is derivative. If he's going to wear a hat, it's going to be unique, and it will bear the Thunder logo on it.