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Russell Westbrook dons the mask: what mask should he wear tonight against the 76ers?

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“Masked, I advance.”

W. Bennett Berry

Russell Westbrook is back in action tonight after having his face broken against the Trail Blazers. He will be wearing a mask to protect his repaired cheekbone. This leads us to the important question:

What mask will Westbrook wear?

"I am Maximus Decimus Westbrook, Commander of the All Star Game MVP, General of the Oklahoma City backcourt and loyal player for the true coach, Scotty Brooks. Brother to a traded Perkins, friend to an also traded Hasheem Thabeet (never forget), and I have a dent in my face. I will have my vengeance in these playoffs or the next."

Safety Rating is zero, but it's also terrifying. Not cool and intimidating terrifying, but King Cake Baby terrifying.


"Transformers: The Movie" (1986) was the final role of Orson Welles and that is weird. I do not care for this mask.

It looks kind of like the masks from "Eyes Wide Shut". Safety rating? Probably higher than you'd think. Aesthetic value? I've never been a fan of the baroque aesthetic in dress or architecture, though the period's artwork is impressive.

Russell Westbrook: Defender of the Universe; Bon Vivant.

Remember Lattimer from "The Program"? It's kind of like that. Lots of yelling and word salad, but really great in a way that you can't quite define.


Which mask do you like best? Vote below!