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Thunder playoff standings watch: Thunder hang on over Boston, West seedings murky

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The Thunder got the win they needed against Boston, but the climb against the next 3 playoff teams is going to be a tough hurdle.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder held on at home against the Boston Celtics...barely...and won by a score of 122-118. The win puts the Thunder 8 games over .500 and slides them a half a game in front of the New Orleans Pelicans, who did not play tonight. More than anything, the win is not a loss, and a loss following the disappointing Mavericks ending, leading into a Friday night match-up with the East-leading Atlanta Hawks, would have made for a very bad week in OKC with only 14 games left to play in the regular season.

As it is, the Thunder remain in contention for a playoff spot, despite missing Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka, and with the possibility of not having Enes Kanter (sprained ankle) on Friday. Friday would also be a great time for the Thunder to hold another team under 110 points.

In the rest of the West, the middle of the pack is muddy. The Clippers, Spurs, and Mavericks one, putting them all in a virtual dead heat for the 5-6-7 seeds. However, the Trail Blazers dropped a crucial game to the Heat, which means that they missed a golden opportunity to slide ahead of the Rockets and place themselves in a near-tie with the 2nd seeded Grizzlies, who are only 5-5 over their last 10 games. Meanwhile, the Warriors just dominated the 2nd best team in the NBA, but let's not dwell on that one for too long, as this season brings enough sadness in it to not have to stress out about the looming 1-8 1st round match-up when the playoffs arrive.

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