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Zach Lowe: Mitch McGary running is like "The Kramer"

Sometimes Thunder fans need a small reason to smile.

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On a day like today, where it feels like the Thunder sky is falling in the wake of a key loss to the Mavericks coupled with news that Serge Ibaka will be out for virtually the rest of the season, sometimes you just need something that makes you smile.

Zach Lowe, NBA scribe extraordinaire, delivers again. As he always does.

10 Things I like and don't like


3. Mitch McGary Running

It's like the Kramer painting: You can't look away.

Look at all that churning effort, the weirdly stiff arms and hands, the eager glance backward that says, "Please pass me the ball, I'm open, I'm running really fast, so fast, like the wind, am I going to get the ball?" He's like a dog looking for a Frisbee.

Jokes aside, big men who run the floor suck in defenders and open up shots for teammates. Good on the rookie for playing out the ball.

Here it is, Mitch McGary running:

And here it is, The Kramer:

No word yet on which Thunder player reminds Lowe of The Costanza, but we still have a few weeks left in the season.