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Thunder vs. Mavericks, Final Score: Oklahoma City loses composure in loss to Dallas

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Thunder blow lead and cool late in critical loss to the Mavericks.

Box Score | Mavs Moneyball

After a rough start the Oklahoma City Thunder raced out to a 15 point lead and seemed to be well on their way to another victory, but they lost their cool and ultimately the game to the Dallas Mavericks, 119-115.

What is your initial reaction to tonight's result?

One thing that jumps out at me tonight is that Rajon Rondo out played Russell Westbrook in almost every aspect of the game tonight.  The stats won't show it, but Rondo did quite well defensively on Russ and even knocked down more jumpers than he did tonight.

The other thing that jumped out at me was how poor the Thunder played with their interior defense.  When the Mavs wanted to get into the paint to get an easy basket they did.  Steven Adams was a virtual non-factor tonight.

What was, overall, the main reason why the Thunder lost?

The Thunder lost their composure late in the game, accentuated by the two quick fouls by Westbrook with under two minutes left to basically give the game to Dallas.  They were stupid fouls that could have been avoided and this is the one area where Westbrook needs to improve at.  Will he?  Maybe when he's 37 or had 14 more knee surgeries.

Defensively they were also pretty bad late.  They couldn't get a stop when it mattered and couldn't stop the Mavs from forming a layup line in their paint.  Without Serge Ibaka there is no reason to fear OKC in the painted area.


Nesgoda's Awards

Thunder Wonder: Enes Kanter gets this award tonight.  He had a solid 19-13 for the Thunder tonight.  He was also perfect from the free throw line.

Thunder Down Under: "Mighty" Mitch McGary had 12 points and 13 boards.

Thunder Blunder: Westbrook fouling out with under two minutes to play in a must win game.  He also had another seven turnover game.

Thunder Plunderer: There was no answer at all for Chandler Parsons, he did whatever he wanted offensively.


Next game: Wednesday, March 18 at 7PM CST against the Boston Celtics.