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Thunder GM Sam Presti on Kevin Durant: "There will be streets named after him throughout the state"

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Sam Presti praised KD in an interview with Darnell Mayberry.

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On March 10th, ESPN analyst and former executive, Tom Penn, suggested that the Thunder may trade Kevin Durant next season in the wake of Westbrook's hot streak.

"I think this burst from Westbrook makes it much more likely that Durant ultimately gets traded next year. ... Sam Presti has proven that he does not ever want to lose anybody for nothing. So he traded James Harden a year early to avoid a potential luxury tax problem a year later."

Thunder GM, Sam Presti, responded to Penn's comments in an interview with Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman:

"It's ludicrous to assert that we would trade Kevin.  There's no way to measure what he represents to our organization on and off the floor. He has helped build this organization from the ground up and personifies the Thunder: past, present and future.

Presti then followed with a bold statement.

"When he's done playing there will be streets named after him throughout the state and younger generations of Oklahomans will learn about the role Kevin has played in elevating this community in ways beyond basketball."

Durant is set to come back in 1-2 weeks if his injury heals properly.

It appears that the relationship between Durant and the Thunder organization is strong.

Is Westbrook's hot streak altering any future plans concerning KD?

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