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Phil Naessens Show: would the Thunder actually consider trading Kevin Durant?

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Listen in to the Phil Naessens Show as we break down the hot topic of the day - would the Thunder actually consider trading Durant?

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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we delve into the topic du jure, which is of course the 'news' that there is a possibility that the Thunder would consider trading Kevin Durant next season. This #hottake has the Internet a-buzzin, so we take a closer look. Phil of course has his own take here:

One of the things I LOVE most about covering the NBA is the story lines; there is ALWAYS something to talk about in the NBA. Case in point; yesterday former Portland Trail Blazers VP Tom Penn opined that the Oklahoma City Thunder might trade Kevin Durant next season now that Russell Westbrook has gone hog wild.

It was great radio for sure.

Oklahoma City Thunder fans are obviously upset and folks from high and low have chimed in thinking how preposterous it would be for the Oklahoma City Thunder to part ways with Durant prior to his contract running out.

Maybe it’s not so preposterous after all.

After watching the Oklahoma City Thunder ownership group blindside an entire city by stealing the Thunder from Seattle I wouldn’t put anything past that bunch.

Please also keep in mind that Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti was the genius who basically panicked away James Harden for who again?

So, I’m not a bit surprised that Penn said what he said and it will be interesting to see what if anything Sam Presti does this summer about his soon to be departed stay forward.

Listen in!

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