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Injury report: Steven Adams has surgery for fractured right hand; expected to miss 3 weeks

Steven Adams injured his right hand against the Clippers and is expected to miss 3 weeks following surgery.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Adams has successfully undergone surgery to repair a fractured right hand, which was sustained during the Thunder game against the Clippers:

Without further details, all we know at this point is that it was a fracture on his right (shooting) hand and that Adams is expected to miss the next 3 weeks of action. Given that we are a week away from All-Star weekend, the impact of Adams' unfortunate injury, the latest in a long line of them this season for the Thunder, will be mitigated by virtue of the extended break between games after OKC plays Memphis on Wednesday. The Thunder will not play again until February 19th (vs the Mavericks), so if all goes according to plan, Adams could be back on the court at the beginning of March, having only missed 8-9 games.

This is the play on which Adams was injured, which is reminiscent of how Russell Westbrook broke his hand earlier this season:

Which led to Funaki shooting his free throws left handed:

We will follow the story as it develops.