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Ishmael Smith tweets (and deletes) on joining Los Angeles Lakers (Update)

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Ish Smith claims that his Twitter account was hacked, leading to the nefarious comment about being on his way to L.A.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports


Ish Smith took to Twitter to claim that his account had been hacked:


Thunder guard Ishmael Smith, once called by Kevin Durant the "fastest NBA player", was quick to the trigger on a tweet that wished a farewell to Oklahoma City. His exclusive scoop? Apparently he was off to the Los Angeles Lakers, at least until he deleted his own tweet. Fortunately, Jacob Rude at Lake Show Life had the screenshot:

For now, Smith remains a member of the Thunder and there have been no reports with further information. The trade, whatever it may be, may be off the table now or have never even existed (but if Smith says he was hacked, we won't believe him). Alternatively, the teams may be continuing with negotiations.

The juicy speculation would center around names like Reggie Jackson and Jordan Hill being swapped between the two teams, and that would definitely be a possibility. Don't expect a headliner, however – the Thunder may only be seeking to offload salary and duck under the luxury tax threshold in case nothing substantial emerges in advance of the trade deadline. Smith's $861,405 cap hit wouldn't get the Thunder under the tax right away, as they're approximately $2 million over the threshold, but it's at least a starting point.

Smith is averaging 1.3 points and 5.2 minutes per game in 28 appearances this season. He was originally signed with the hardship exception on November 7th as emergency depth for an injury-stricken Thunder roster.