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Russell Westbrook to get Signature Shoe with Jordan Brand this summer

Russell Westbrook will debut his first signature shoe this summer

Kicks on Fire

Russell Westbrook has always had one of the, let’s say, most interesting wardrobes in the NBA. Well, per, the 4 time NBA All-Star will be getting his first signature shoe very soon. The Air Jordan ‘Russell Westbrook 0’ is scheduled to debut this summer. Since 2012, Westbrook has been endorsed by Jordan, wearing the Jordan shoes, and even getting some Player Edition Jordan XX8’s.

The design of the shoe should be interesting considering Westbrook’s wardrobe, his collection at Barney’s, and custom frames. Another fascinating aspect is the name of the shoe. Usually, when a player gets a signature shoe, the first edition is a ‘1’ (John Wall, Damian Lillard are most recent) But Westbrook will have a 0 at the end of his, indicating his number. Russell Westbrook is one of the best, and most dynamic players in the NBA, making it puzzling why he hasn’t already received a signature shoe. Regardless, we’ll all be watching for it this summer.