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Blondy Baruti to star in unnamed ABC Pilot about NBA (Correction)

Blondy Baruti may be the next big thing in Hollywood, ready to star in an unnamed ABC pilot about the NBA.

via Switzer Talent

Correction: WTLC previously reported that Blondy Baruti is the biological brother of Serge Ibaka. They in fact are not brothers or biologically related, but are old friends. Story has been updated. WTLC regrets the error.

Thanks to my boss, Dan Fogelman, there is a brand new addition to the Golden State Warriors's roster.

Well… kind of.

Blondy Baruti has just been cast as one of the two lead characters in the untitled "NBA" comedy pilot that Dan is producing for ABC. Pretty cool, huh?

So who is this Blondy fellow? Blondy grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and he moved to America on September 4th, 2008. He played high school basketball for the Mesa Jackrabbits in Arizona and he averaged 10.3 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 5.1 blocked shots per game during his senior season. He also earned honorable mention All-State and All-Region honors. Blondy was then offered a scholarship from the University of Tulsa, but he only appeared in 13 games while averaging 6.7 minutes of playing time as a true freshman in 2010-11. The next year he red-shirted, and before the start of the 2012-13 season he was declared medically unable to continue playing due to a foot injury. But Blondy – a young man who’s dealt with more than his share of pain and suffering growing up in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo – would not let this deter him. In 2014 he graduated with two degrees from the University of Tulsa in Business Management and Theater.

So… born in the Congo, high school in AZ, and college in OK. How the hell did Blondy get cast in Dan Fogelman’s new sitcom? That’s a great question, but let’s back up a bit. First of all, the TV show is a buddy/workplace comedy set in the NBA about Golden State’s new first round draft pick Moseki "Mo" Gosego (Blondy). The team’s GM has just mortgaged the future of the Warriors’ franchise on the untested African center. But carrying the fate of a professional basketball team on his broad shoulders is only one of the obstacles that Mo faces. For starters, he doesn't speak a lick of English. Therefore, the Warriors hire a translator to not only teach Mo how to communicate, but to also spend every waking moment with him. The translator, Jason, is played by "Pitch Perfect’s" Skylar Astin. Needless to say: Mo and Jason form a hilariously touching and genuine friendship, which is the heart of the show.

The concept for the TV show started as an idea developed by Dan’s production company: Rhode Island Ave. Productions (where I work). Dan then commissioned his old pals David Windsor and Casey Johnson to write the half-hour script. David and Casey had most recently served as writers on Dan’s fairy tale-themed musical comedy "Galavant." Next, Dan called up another old buddy: Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment. Aaron was an Executive Producer on Dan’s sitcom "The Neighbors" and he connected Dan and the gang with Michael Tollin of Mandalay Sports Media. Tollin runs Mandalay with a gentleman named Peter Guber, who also happens to be the minority owner of the Golden State Warriors. Hence, Mo donning Warrior blue and yellow in our show. With the producer brain trust in place and with David and Casey off writing the script, the next piece of business was finding a 7-footer who could land a joke. Easy enough, right?

Dan hired his longtime Casting Director Susan Vash to take on this daunting task. Susan and her associate Melissa Ventura immediately started sending out casting breakdowns all across the world. Literally. From Kenya to China to even good ol' Oklahoma. The breakdown caught the attention of the Norman, Oklahoma based Switzer Talent Agency. Wait. Norman? Switzer? If your Oklahoma sports spidey senses are tingling that’s because the agency is owned by Becky Switzer, wife of OU football legend Barry Switzer.

Back to Blondy: he moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Tulsa, but he still spends a lot of time in Oklahoma. Ironically, Blondy was in OK when Hollywood (via his agent at Switzer Talent) came calling. Blondy booked the next available flight back to LA.

From the moment Blondy walked into Susan Vash’s office on the Disney Lot in Burbank, she knew she had found a special young talent. And Susan knows talent: she’s been casting actors for over twenty years and has worked on shows like "Mad About You" and "Spin City." Susan had Blondy read a few excerpts from David and Casey’s script and she instantly booked him to come back the next day to read for the show’s producers. Blondy entered the casting session with a huge smile on his face, the top of his head narrowly missing the door frame by only a few inches. If he was nervous, he didn’t show it. Instead he brimmed with excitement and confidence. He shook everyone’s hand and introduced himself. Susan was about to start the session, but Blondy asked if he could say something first. He thanked everyone for the opportunity and then proceeded to tell them a heartbreaking story about having to trudge 600 miles through the jungle as an 11 year old to escape the war. Blondy said he was so thin you could count his ribs. One time, he even had to drink river water that had a dead body floating in it just 40 feet away. Throughout these trying times, Blondy said his mother kept reminding him of three words: faith, hope, believe. But now came the moment of truth. The only thing left for Blondy to do was to captivate the producers with his fledgling acting chops so they’d hire him to be one of the stars of their TV show. Again, easy enough, right?

Well, for Blondy it apparently was. Forgive the bad pun, but let’s just say that he slam-dunked his audition. Blondy Baruti’s story is one of overcoming unimaginable hardships and triumphing in the face of impossible odds. His next hurdle is filming his first TV show, which shoots next month in Los Angeles and Oakland. But if Blondy can survive the Congo, I have a feeling he’ll survive Hollywood too. And if all goes as well as myself, my boss Dan, and our other coworkers hope, Blondy will be coming to the high-definition flat screen in your living room this fall.

Stay tuned!