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WTLC debuts on Radio Sport New Zealand, JA Sherman talks Thunder, Steven Adams, and Enes Kanter

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WTLC is international! Check out our debut on Radio Sport NZ to discuss Steven Adams and the Thunder trade deadline. Listen in!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know, the Thunder are a global attraction. It is not only because they have 2 of the best players on the planet, but also because they have tremendous international reach. Steven Adams, the 2nd year starting center, hails of course from New Zealand, and WTLC is fortunate that Adams is on the Thunder because it has brought a plethora of new fans into the mix.

We are fortunate enough to have attracted on of NZ's sports talk radio shows, Radio Sport, and they invited me onto their "Crowd Goes Wild Breakfast Show" to talk about the Thunder, Steven Adams, Enes Kanter, and more.

Check it out!

WTLC on Radio Sport NZ

Many thanks to Andrew Mulligan and the station crew for inviting me onto their show, and we hope there will be more opportunities ahead.