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Kevin Durant undergoes foot procedure; re-evaluation in one week

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Kevin Durant will be out of action following a procedure on his surgically repaired foot.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant has undergone a procedure on his right foot on Sunday in order to alleviate soreness that has been bothering him for the past few weeks. The procedure is on the same foot that Durant had repaired before the season began in order to repair a "Jones Fracture." Durant had been attempting to play through the pain over the past few games, but at the end of the Thunder's win over the Mavericks last week, Durant was clearly hobbled and was communicating to Scott Brooks that he could not move.

While the procedure is alarming at this stage of the season, there is not cause for great concern yet. According to Royce Young at Daily Thunder:

The important part: Durant’s fracture has healed "perfectly" according to Sam Presti, and this issue with soreness is in an unrelated area of his foot. It’s basically just part of the recovery process. To be exact, the screw Durant had inserted is rubbing against another (unrelated) bone, causing soreness. So he had a new screw put in that has a different head on it which is expected to help address some of that pain.

Here is the full statement from Sam Presti.

We will continue to report Durant's condition as the news develops.