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Thunder may have interest in Norris Cole if they trade Reggie Jackson

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If the Thunder complete the reported Reggie Jackson-Brook Lopez trade with the Nets, word is they'll look to the Miami Heat's Norris Cole to be their new back-up point guard.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

If the Oklahoma City Thunder end up completing the Reggie Jackson-Brook Lopez swap currently in works with the Brooklyn Nets, they may have interest in the Miami Heat's Norris Cole:

The Thunder would need a backup point guard with Jackson gone, and Cole's welcome in Miami is wearing thin. His play this season hasn't been overly inspiring, with averages of 6.3 points and 3.5 assists to go with a lowly 38.6% field goal percentage in 24.4 minutes this season. He wouldn't be a costly acquisition for the Thunder, however – Jeremy Lamb alone could get the trade done.

Any trade for a backup point guard is still contingent on the Jackson-Lopez trade's completion. After an early stream of updates that finished left the trade sounding likely to happen, there haven't been any additional reports in almost an hour and the deal remains fluid. Nets point guard Jarrett Jack has been thrown around as a potential inclusion to the deal, which may include more than just the Thunder and the Nets, but the Thunder would have a hard time absorbing his contract in addition to Lopez's.