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Thunder, Nets talking Brook Lopez trade again, Reggie Jackson involved (Updates)

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The Thunder have revived talks to acquire Brook Lopez from the Nets. This time, they have their eyes on Reggie Jackson.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Back in January, the Oklahoma City Thunder reportedly came close to acquiring one-time All-Star Brook Lopez from the Brooklyn Nets. However, that trade collapsed when the Nets pulled out, and the talks have been dormant since.

Until now. Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that discussions sending Lopez to the Thunder are back on:

The proposed trade would be contingent on Reggie Jackson, who we learned yesterday had requested a trade from the Thunder, agreeing to re-sign with the Nets. For the trade to go through, the Thunder would have to send more money to the Nets – Kendrick Perkins' expiring $9.4 million deal would be all but guaranteed to be involved, and Jeremy Lamb was also involved in the original iteration of the trade.

Lopez, who is averaging 15.3 points and 6.2 rebounds in 42 appearances this season, would give the Thunder a third scorer and their first real low-post presence.

Update (10:08 AM CMT): CBS Sports' Ken Berger reports that the Nets are also insisting on moving Jarrett Jack to clear their backcourt logjam:

If sent to the Thunder, Jack would replace Jackson as the Thunder's backup point guard, a role that would otherwise be left to current third-string man Ish Smith. However, Jack's $6.3 million contract would be a tricky fit given the Thunder's already tight cap scenario.

Update (10:18 AM): Wojnarowski reports the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers could be pulled into talks, presumably for one to help absorb Jack's contract.

This would also tie in with a previously reported swap that would reunite Kevin Garnett with the Timberwolves, sending Thad Young to the Nets. Meanwhile, 76ers GM Sam Hinkie smells second-rounders to be had and swoops in for the meal.

Update (10:36 AM): In the event that the Thunder and Nets can't rope in a third team, this is one potential trade on the table between them with Perry Jones being sent out as well. Via ESPN's Chris Broussard:

Update (10:46 AM): Looking like a two-team trade, and one that's awfully close to completion. Home stretch?

Update (1:00 PM CDT): Wojnarowski updates his story to report that the deal is close:

The Brooklyn Nets are closing on completion of a deal to send center Brook Lopez to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a package that includes guard Reggie Jackson, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

With the Nets committed to moving Jarrett Jack and ultimately paying Jackson as a frontline starting NBA point guard, Jackson has expressed enthusiasm about the deal to Brooklyn, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

As a restricted free agent this summer, the Nets needed to know that Jackson, 24, wants to have a long-term parternship with them.

Update (1:04 PM CDT): The Thunder are likely searching for a backup PG: