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Phil Naessens Show: Steven Adams or Mitch Mcgary?

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On this week's Phil Naessens Show, Naessens decides to take on Thunder nation by questioning Steven Adams' potential. Is he off the mark? Listen in!

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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, Naessens decides to stir the kettle a bit and we have a hot debate as to whether Steven Adams or Mitch McGary has the brightest upside for the Thunder. While we establish that they're not comparable as players, our opinions diverge widely from that point on.

That's not all from today's episode. From Naessens:

Rush Olson and I talked about this on today’s show. J.A. Shermanand I talk about the Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams and I defend my statements regarding Mitch McGary and why I believe he is a better player than Adams. David Ramil and I talk Miami Heat hoops including possible trades and real and imagined chemistry issues between Hassam Whiteside and Chris Bosh. J.R. Wilco and I talk NBA Western Conference top eight seeds andJustin Rowan and I talk NBA Eastern Conference seeding.

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