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Steven Adams: Broken but not bowed at American Eagle

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Steven Adams' spirits are still up even after getting his hand broken.

It looks like Steven Adams is much more likable off the court, than on the court. Or maybe it's the accent? Maybe it's the broken hand. Whatever the reason, nothing can stop Funaki from visiting the local American Eagle and stopping for a photograph.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steven Adams!!!!!

A photo posted by Tatum Mora (@tatummmmmmora) on

Sherman - You know, it makes me sad to see that busted hand. What would look better there? Oh, I don't know...a CHAINSAW?!?

Ok, that's a little creepy, without any Deadites or anything around or evil creeping about. One more try...

Perfect. I'm guessing Adams left his boomstick over at the S-Mart.