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Russell Westbrook buys home in Los Angeles from Scott Disick

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Russ to LA? Everybody freak out!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook has bought a Los Angeles home from reality TV star, Scott Disick. According to the LA Times, Westbrook paid $4.65 million for the home.

On the surface, this shouldn't be seen as a huge deal. Lebron James also recently purchased a home in LA, and Westbrook has deep ties to the area having grown up there and throughout his time at UCLA.

Of course, that's not how these things work anymore, and any investment that may be considered wise in other contexts is intensely scrutinized and examined for deeper meanings. In this case, it's Westbrook's impending free agency in the summer of 2017. Is this just a plan to get established before he signs with the Lakers in two years? Maybe, in two years, Chris Paul will be worn down and the Clippers will need a successor to throw (and catch?) lobs with Blake and DeAndre. Wait, that's actually a terrifying thought - the athleticism! Forget I said that.

That's all just wild speculation, and it's far more likely that Westbrook saw an opportunity to get a pretty sweet home that he could use in the offseason, as well as a nice place for his family to stay while he isn't around.

The only truly scary part of all of this for Thunder fans is that it may imply Westbrook has at least loose ties with the Kardashians. Everybody freak out!