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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 7; Thunder regression?

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Chris Hanneke talks to JA Sherman about the recurring problems with the Thunder's crunchtime offense, whether the Warriors have ruined basketball for everyone else, and why Kevin Durant is always so mad at the media.

After finally showing some promise at the end of the month, the Oklahoma City Thunder struggled to a 1-2 week featuring crunchtime problems that have plagued them in seasons past. After taking the week off last week (shoutout to Cray for hosting!), I brought in our own JA Sherman to talk about these seemingly never-ending issues.

And since it's basically impossible to have any conversation about the NBA this year without ooing and ahh-ing all over the Warriors, we end up wondering if maybe we're just being hard on the Thunder because the defending champs look, quite literally, perfect. We wrap up by going over Kevin Durant's comments about the media treating Kobe Bryant "like shit" and whether or not he actually knows what the media is and does.

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