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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 10; Best and Worst 2015 Awards

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Talking about how the Thunder didn't totally ruin Christmas, some myths about Billy Donovan's rotations, and the public's obsession with the Spurs. Also, the Best and Worst of 2015 Awards!

Hopefully the Thunder's ugly performance against the Bulls didn't ruin everyone's Christmas. By this point, we should all be used to seeing the Thunder play completely uninspired basketball for random games throughout the season, so I really wouldn't read too much into the loss. On top of that, they won three other games during the week, and have a pretty firm hold on the fourth-best record in the league.

Now, with 2016 just days away, it seems like the right time to relive what's been one of the most eventful calendar years in Oklahoma City Thunder history. An injured MVP, a huge trade deadline deal, firing the head coach, so much has happened that it's worth revisiting how the Thunder got to where they are today.

I brought in our own Cray Allred to tackle all of this with me. We started out talking about that Christmas game (and Christmas food), before discussing his recent column on myths surrounding the Thunder's rotations. We then got to handing out our Best and Worst of 2015 Awards, featuring Best Addition, Worst Addition, Saddest Departure, Best Game, Best Performance, and who won 2015.

Share your winners in the comments section!

Somewhere in there, I also took an opportunity to vent about all of the chatter that the Thunder aren't on the same level as the Spurs (they are), and that Kawhi Leonard shut down Kevin Durant on opening night (he didn't).

Lastly, we tried awarding Best Movie, TV show and album, before realizing we aren't very cultured people.

As always, you can subscribe to the Loud Noises Podcast on iTunes and, if you like it, please leave us a review telling us so. Cray will explain why in the final minutes of today's episode.

Thanks to everybody for your support in 2015, we honestly really do appreciate it. We're also really excited we got to 10 episodes, and hope to have plenty more to come in 2016.