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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 9; Christmas with Snottie Drippen

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Chris Hanneke welcomes James Holas (aka Snottie Drippen) to talk about how he feels about the Thunder so far, staggering Russ and KD's minutes, possible ways to upgrade the bench and the one-year anniversary of Christmas in Temecula.

The NBA on Christmas Day became my favorite sports day a few years ago. I think it was brought on by this absurdly terrific TNT ad:

There's something about being home for the holidays and living in the nostalgia of your real life, while also enjoying the history of the NBA in watching the marquee players of today. Plus, unlike the Super Bowl, you don't have to work the next day, so you can just kind of sit around and enjoy Twitter without feeling like you're wasting too much time.

In fairness to my guest, he was a well-respected voice in the NBA Twitter circles even before last Christmas, but his iconic "Meet me in Temecula" took him to a new level and basically overshadowed any action that took place on the actual court. The Thunder beat the Spurs, right?

James Holas is back to business tweeting about the NBA from all angles at @SnottieDrippen, as well as hosting the Instant Offense Podcast at BBall Breakdown. He was nice enough to share his opinions on where the Thunder stand as we approach the end of 2015. OKC seems to be improving by the week and are starting to blow out weaker opponents, but there still seems to be a consensus that they are a tier below Golden State and San Antonio.

We talked about that, as well as the job Billy Donovan has done so far. I plugged my post from the other day about not needing to stagger Russ and KD's minutes, and we debated that before moving on to ways to fix the bench. We also touched on that one-year anniversary and what he expects from OKC this Christmas.

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