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Russell Westbrook shows up unannounced to surprise kid for Christmas

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Russell Westbrook made one 13-year-old boy's Christmas unforgettable after the OKC star showed up unannounced to visit him in the hospital. Janneh is a young man who has spent the last 6 months rehabbing from surgeries after he was paralyzed by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting.


"We literally just got a call that Russell Westbrook was in our lobby ready to see Janneh," said Melissa Richey, director of communications at the Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital.

No cameras. No handlers. No photo op. Just Westbrook with some signed shoes and an autographed jersey.

"The way that it happened was exactly how it should've happened," Richey said.

"That's something that, I think, made it even more special because you could tell it wasn't a publicity stunt," she said. "It was the kindness out of his own heart to take time out of his day, knowing he had another event that night, to take time to do that was really cool for us to see that."

Russ is always good for a heartwarming moment. You the man, Westbrook.