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Steven Adams is a game time decision on Sunday

He went through light contact drills today.

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To basketball, or not to basketball? That is the question.
To basketball, or not to basketball? That is the question.
J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Thunder center Steven Adams had to leave last Thursday's game against the Chicago Bulls with some persistent back soreness. Today, according to Anthony Slater, Steven Adams was able to participate in some light contact drills. Tomorrow, Adams is considered a game time decision at home against the Suns.

If Adams is unable to play, Enes Kanter will almost certainly see extended duty. There is no backup center, but Serge Ibaka will likely mop up whatever remaining minutes there are at the position. To replace Serge Ibaka's time at power forward, we could see dashes of Nick Collison and KD. If KD were to play power forward, this would open up time for Dion Waiters, Anthony Morrow, or Kyle Singler. It really all depends on what rotation Billy Donovan wants to go with, which is a mystery at this point.

Even if Steven Adams were to sit tomorrow, I'd recommend against using Enes Kanter on your FanDuel team. Kanter is getting the lion's share of fourth quarter minutes at this point, but Tyson Chandler is a fearsome opponent in the paint. Just this Friday, Chandler was able to hold Andre Drummond to just 12 points, 6 under his average. Given that Kanter and Drummond are both power-focused players on offense, I'd look elsewhere.

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