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Kevin Durant thinks the media treated Kobe unfairly

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"You guys treated one of our legends like sh** and I didn't really like it"

Taking the world by storm!
Taking the world by storm!
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At a media shootaround prior to today's game against the Hawks, Kevin Durant was asked about his thoughts on Kobe Bryant's retirement after this season. As usual, KD didn't mince words:

This isn't the first time Durant has had issue with the media. Back during the All-Star game last year, Durant expressed his frustrations with how the media handled his injury issues. In fact, in order to combat the media's hold on public opinion, Durant has taken to writing articles himself over at the Player's Tribune.

But really, I have to agree with how honest KD is being. I've watched every Laker game this season, and it's obvious to me that the entire team is a mess. Kobe is hardly ever used within the context of a play, and is frequently given the ball with no time left on the shot clock. Blaming Kobe for playing poorly when nothing is at stake is just silly. Blaming Kobe for taking a gigantic contract and holding his franchise hostage... well, that's another matter entirely. But who would turn down that kind of money?

Regardless of what you may think of Kobe's legacy, he's certainly one of the game's most eternal figures. Oklahoma City fans will have many memories of Kobe's close contests with the OKC Hornets. Kobe is also notable for beating the Thunder in their 2010 playoff debut. OKC got revenge on Kobe two years later, in the 2012 second round. That summer, Kobe even got the chance to play alongside Durant and Westbrook during the 2012 Olympics. It's no surprise to see Durant support Bryant, given how intertwined their two legacies are.