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Josh Huestis and Mitch McGary sent to Blue

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Mitch won't be a part of the rotation any time soon.

Transition air
Transition air
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Today, it was reported that Josh Huestis and Mitch McGary have been sent down to the Thunder's D-League affiliate, the Oklahoma City Blue. Heustis has been a Blue regular this season, playing in 4 of their games. While with the Blue, Huestis has averaged 10 points and 4 rebounds on 30% shooting. Prior to joining the Thunder, Huestis played for the Blue for a full season.

Mitch McGary, on the other hand, has not been sent down to the Blue at all this season. In fact, McGary got minutes with the regular Thunder rotation players during games against Philadelphia and Washington on November 8th and 10th. But McGary hasn't played in six of the past seven matches, so his send down isn't too much of a shock. Still, it's nice that the Blue are right next door, because McGary can definitely bring a lot of energy on the bench.

Last year for the Blue, McGary played in eight games. McGary's D-League averages were 16 points and 8 rebounds on 49% shooting.