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Russell Westbrook doesn't acknowledge Reggie Jackson (Update)

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Let the rivalry begin!

Russell Westbrook, scoring over an unknown man.
Russell Westbrook, scoring over an unknown man.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Detroit Pistons was hotly contested. It was Reggie Jackson's first game back in Oklahoma City after he had been traded to the Pistons last year.

Before the game, Reggie Jackson didn't speak kindly of his time in Oklahoma City. Here's what he said to the Detroit media on Wednesday:

"I was booed when I came out there to start [in Oklahoma City] last year," Jackson said after his 18-point, 7-assist, 4-rebound night against the Heat. "So I expect some of the same treatment."

And here's what Reggie said to the Oklahoma City media on Friday:

During the actual game, Jackson got into foul trouble early, only playing 6 minutes during the first half. The second half wasn't much better, as Reggie shot 15% on 13 attempts. Meanwhile, opposing guard Russell Westbrook had trouble as well, turning the ball over 11 times in total. Westbrook managed 14 points on the night, but fouled out after 29 minutes of action. The Thunder ended up winning on the back of a 32 points KD performance, 103-87.

There was no love lost between Westbrook and Jackson, though. Westbrook took the offensive post-game.

Apparently, the Thunder locker room isn't too worried about their former teammate. The Thunder will see the Pistons one more time this season, in the Palace on March 29th.

Keep doing you, Russ. We won't get it twisted.

UPDATE: According to Royce Young and Erik Horne, the relationship between Westbrook and Jackson isn't as bad as we might make it seem. (H/T: Endless Paradise)

"There wasn’t any obvious on-court animosity between the Thunder and Jackson, and following the game there was a pleasant exchange between Westbrook, Durant and him. In the locker room, Westbrook did his thing, though, when asked about how the Thunder handled their former teammate in his return." -Royce Young