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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 5; A rollercoaster of emotions

The Thunder is 8-6 and currently sit at fourth place in the Western Conference, even though Kevin Durant has missed the last six games. So why does it feel like they are struggling so badly?

So here's the way these podcasts seem to be going: The Thunder play terrible, awful, no good basketball from Monday through Saturday. Then, on Sundays, right before I record at night, they play a nice game and they put me in a better mood.

I had every intention of coming into this one and being incoherently angry, but Sunday night's game against the Mavericks featured an actually-kind-of-fun-to-watch Thunder. After Friday night's game, I had never felt worse about the Oklahoma City basketball team. That game, which saw the Thunder shoot an abysmal 3-for-29 from 3-point range, was so ugly and, worse yet, was just simply not fun.

What the heck was going on with this team? That was always the Thunder's thing - they are fun to watch. They may not always make the right plays, or do things the "right way," but dammit they were fun. Not Friday night. They were legitimately tough to watch. I wanted to blame Donovan, I wanted to blame Presti, I wanted to opine on the Thunder Dynasty that never was.

That's the great thing about basketball though, there are enough games where it's tough to dwell for too long. Sunday's game was a step in the right direction. Donovan seemed to make adjustments to his questionable rotations and, most importantly, Kevin Durant came a day closer to being back in the lineup.

We're getting close to that point where "it's early" is no longer an acceptable excuse. Thanks to Sunday night's game, it looks like the Thunder aren't looking for any excuses, anyway.

Listen in as I talk to our resident Grizzlies fan, Kevin Yeung, as we share our feelings on the Thunder, Serge Ibaka, the lack of a reliable Sixth Man, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, and more.

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