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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 2; Week one revisited

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We discuss the Thunder's 3-0 start to the season, how Russell Westbrook compares to Stephen Curry, and the WTLC Fantasy basketball league.

The Thunder just completed a perfect opening week, going 3-0 against some respectable competition. They used a 4th-quarter comeback to beat the Western Conference power San Antonio Spurs, then erased an 18-point 4th-quarter deficit against the upstart Orlando Magic, before blowing out the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night.

They have a new coach and a completely healthy roster, so things are looking up in OKC. In this episode, I talked to our own Cray Allred about takeaways from the opening week, as well as some predictions for the upcoming week. I also tried my darndest to make the Westbrook vs. Curry argument - no matter how impossible that may be at the moment.

We're getting our feet under us, here, but we appreciate you taking the time to listen. Feel free to chime in with feedback, and we'll be happy to include listener comments and questions in the future. Have a listen to episode 2, and check back every week for more.