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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 4; Down goes Durant

The Thunder started the week by making a statement on the #KD2DC thing and, after a 2-1 week, sit at 6-4 - tied for 3rd in the Western Conference. But a Durant hamstring injury and an ugly second-half collapse to the Celtics means there are still problems in OKC.

Last week, I may have overreacted a bit to Bllly Donovan. After a 2-1 week, it's clear that the Thunder - and their rookie head coach, are still fleshing out some ideas on how to win games this year. The good news: they're doing an OK job of that for the time being. The favorable schedule has helped, but the Thunder did plenty enough right this week to feel like it was a success, starting with a blowout win in DC to quiet the #KD2DC movement (for now).

Of course, the big "BUT" in this situation is Kevin Durant's hamstring injury. He tweaked it in that homecoming game, and he will likely be out for at least another week. It's possible that it is just a fluke injury and he will return without any hiccups a week from now. But after last season's slew of "re-evaluations," you can understand why Thunder fans are hesitant to feel like everything will be OK just yet.

In this episode, Marina Mangiaracina and I talk about that, as well as how this team will hold up with Westbrook in charge once again. We also gave our friends at The Dream Shake the humor of addressing their (joke?) Twitter question:

Have a listen, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to Loud Noises on iTunes.