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Westbrook: "Don't get it twisted. I do this."

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Marcus Smart had a good game, but Westbrook doesn't think there's anything special about it.

Doin' it.
Doin' it.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook has a history with local newspaper columnist Barry Tramel. Back on January 17th, Westbrook posted a triple-double in a 125-117 victory over the Golden State Warriors. In the post-game press conference, Westbrook was very blunt with reporters. Barry Tramel asked why, and Westbrook told Tramel that he didn't like him, directly. Westbrook then proceeded to answer every question with "good execution".

Tonight, the adversarial relationship between Tramel and Slater continued. Westbrook shot 25% in a 15 point home loss to the Boston Celtics. Tramel thought Marcus Smart did a good job of being physical with Westbrook, and decided to bring it up post-game. Westbrook was nonplussed.

"Don't get it twisted. I do this."

Props to Westbrook for always keeping it real, while still maintaining that he's the better player.