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Kevin Durant out, to be re-evaulated in 7-10 days

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A strained left hamstring will sideline the Thunder's leading scorer.

He'll be back.
He'll be back.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant underwent an MRI on his left hamstring today. The MRI revealed that Durant's left hamstring is strained, and that he will not be able to play for at least the next 7-10 days. After the 7-10 day healing period, Durant will be re-evaluated.

The hamstring strain happened during the second quarter of last night's game at the Washington Wizards. After the strain, Durant hit two free throws and remained in the game. However, Durant did not return to the game after halftime. Here's a Vine of the injury in question:

If Durant is able to return after the initial recovery period, he will have missed 4-5 games. Those games are all against opponents with records of .500 or worse. Waiters will likely replace Durant in the starting lineup, though he will slide in at shooting guard. Donovan said that he would have wanted Waiters to start the second half, but went with Kyle Singler because Dion was having stomach trouble.

On the bench, we can expect more minutes for all of the wings. Most notably, Anthony Morrow, who hasn't seen significant minutes since the first three games of the season, may break into the rotation. Kyle Singler may also see a small uptick in minutes. Without Durant and with Ibaka after the trades last year, the Thunder were 5-4.