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Stephen A. Smith tells Kevin Durant and/or the world that "you do not want to make an enemy out of me."

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I'm sorry that I'm even sharing this with you and giving Stephen A. Smith even one more iota of screen time with other human beings. But I think it's important to document what freaking weirdo this guy is.

If you missed it, Smith pronounced to the world that Kevin Durant would consider going to Lakers if he didn't re-sign with OKC. That was weird enough because KD emphatically said afterward that he doesn't talk to Stephen A. Smith ... ever. But what's weirder is that Smith then retorts with a statement that says he doesn't have to talk to someone to know what they are considering in their own mind. This would give Smith some sort of telepathic powers ... a bestowment that would be one of the most unfortunate and wasteful events in the history of existence.

After ranting on for five minutes in a tongue-twisting tirade of spinster bull crap that tries to paint Kevin Durant as an oversensitive porcupine, this bozo looks into the camera and tells the world (and/or Kevin Durant) the following:

You do not want to make an enemy out of me.

What's wrong, bro? You seem really defensive. It must not be fun for professional athletes to start calling you on all your crap. That must really start to threaten your ability to go on TV and blabber on about sensational extrapolations without any consequences.

For Smith's sake, I really hope that he's just an amazing actor who just wants to make money by being a despicable, revolting person.