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OKC Thunder podcast: Loud Noises - Episode 1; WTLC previews NBA season

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Chris Hanneke and JA Sherman preview the 2015-16 season by making 3 predictions for the Thunder.

We're back! The Thunder season has returned, and we are revamping the podcast, hopefully making it more sustainable for the season. The name has changed, but the idea is the same. My goal is to keep it around 30 minutes each week for quick, easy consumption.

For the first episode, JA Sherman joined me to talk about the joy (or sadness?) that comes with the end of the offseason, the Thunder's game tonight against the Spurs, as well as the landscape of the league and how the Thunder stack up. I then make 3 predictions, with which JA is more than happy to disagree with, and we close with - ugh, I'm sorry - that Stephen A. Smith stuff from a couple weeks ago.

Oh, and we recorded it last night before Stephen Curry did Stephen Curry things. Needless to say, I'm already reconsidering my MVP pick. Alas! Listen in, and check back each week for more.