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Thunder Halloween costume grades

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The Thunder had their annual Halloween party last night and the costumes were pretty great.

Every year, right before the season, the Thunder hold a Halloween party. With the preseason over and the regular season right around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to get some fun in before it's time to get down to business. Last year, there was Porn 'Stache, the Ghostbusters and Bane, and it was like, "Dang, these guys are pretty clever."

This year, though, they outdid themselves. Just about every costume was brilliant, but some were better than the others. Let's go one by one and grade them based on creativity and execution.

Happy Early Halloween

A photo posted by Nick Collison (@nicholascollison) on

Nick Collison, Forrest Gump, A-

So I'm really dumb and totally missed the Forrest Gump reference at first and just thought Collison was some guy in a beard and trucker hat. It took a text from a friend to point out my idiocy. Now, I appreciate the costume. Bearded, runner Forrest is a much more entertaining route than sitting-on-a-bench, nerdy Forrest. These dudes are way more clever than they have to be in coming up with these costumes.

Mitch McGary, Average Joe: B

Great movie, great execution. You could talk me into a better grade, but I feel like Dodgeball isn't quite old enough to be a throwback, and not quite recent enough to be totally relevant. There's also the fact that Mitch McGary, Snake God, was the Halloween Costume That Should Have Been.

Kevin Durant, Miles Logan from Blue Streak: A

Not gonna lie, I had to Google the reference. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid, too, but I have a terrible memory when it comes to movies, so I completely forgot everything about it. I remember liking it though, and unlike Dodgeball, it is officially old enough to fall into that "throwback" category. Shoutout to Durant (or whoever in his crew came up with the idea) for understanding that the '90s are super in right now.

Steven Adams, nurse Joker: A+

So good. If you're going Heath Ledger Joker, you really have to commit. Most people are happy pulling off the makeup, and they settle for the purple suit and still rock the party. Not Adams, though. He took it one step further going for the more specific nurse costume, and he nailed it. He even has the pose down. Is there a rule against wearing makeup in games? Because Adams already has a pretty terrifying on-court persona, and you have to think opponents would think twice about attacking the rim against Joker Adams.


A photo posted by Mitch McGary (@mitchmcgary_33) on

Steve Novak, Bigfoot: B+

I have no idea who's in the Saw mask, and I believe Harry, Lloyd and Bruins guy (Happy Gilmore?) are trainers, but Instagram tags tell us that's Novak in the Bigfoot costume. I enjoy it mostly because the thought of Bigfoot splashing wide open corner 3s is funny to me, and there's something about Novak's lankiness that really makes it work.

Steven Adams and Big worm/perm .. lol

A photo posted by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on

Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams: A+

The man bun, the tattoo, the facial hair... Please tell me Westbrook talked with an accent all night.