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Thunder waive Qualls, Stone, Wells, and Zanna

Say hello to the new Blue!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder have cut all four of their training camp signees today. The full list includes Michael Qualls, Julyan Stone, Dez Wells, and Talib Zanna.

Going into this year's pre-season campaign, the Thunder's roster was pretty much set. All 15 spots were filled with guaranteed contracts, with everyone under $3 Million still on their rookie deal. As such, the Thunder had no real incentive to audition spots.

But still, the Thunder did need practice partners for training camp. Of the four players signed, Zanna was the only one to get real time this pre-season. That extra time for Zanna may have only come as a result of various injuries to the Thunder big men.

As a fan, it's impossible to comment on the impact of anyone who hasn't seen game time. But from what I did see of Talib Zanna, I know he's got a tremendous amount of hustle and can set screens with the best of them. You can tell that Zanna's team focused mentality is the reason the Thunder have kept him in the organization since the Summer of 2014.

All four players are likely candidates for the Thunder's D-League team. Zanna is especially so, having played with the Blue last year.