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Kevin Durant demands a secret handshake from Serge Ibaka

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The Thunder take their hand slaps seriously!

I'm sure on court high-fives are an entirely different category.
I'm sure on court high-fives are an entirely different category.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder have long been known for their complex and superstitious pre-game handshake routines. Take these couple of examples from last year. Here's Steven Adams and Nick Collison having a deep moment.

Remember Perry Jones and Jeremy Lamb? Those guys hardly even played basketball. Mostly, I remember them for this dance:

That being said, even with all of the practice, the Thunder sometimes have trouble executing regular handshakes. Last year, Jeremy Lamb didn't complete a full hand slap with Russell Westbrook. The situation caused Westbrook to shoot an extremely cold glare.

But then, a couple weeks later, Russell Westbrook was the guilty one. Here, Westbrook accidentally missed slapping hands with KD as he went to the bench.

This season, Kevin Durant's handslaps will not be denied. After last night's pre-season game, KD went to high five with teammate Serge Ibaka. The slap was completed, and it appeared Ibaka was content with just one slap. But KD went back for more, insisting that the two complete a more thorough slapping of hands.

I can only imagine what handshake level the Thunder will be at when they reach the Finals this year. Good thing KD is keeping Ibaka on his toes.