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KD on Stephen A Smith's rumors regarding free agency and the Lakers: "He's lying"

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Stephen A. Smith reported a rumor that Durant may consider the Lakers in his impending free agency. This is news to Durant.

Unconfirmed rumors state that Durant may consider challenging Kirk Cousins for starting QB next year in Washington
Unconfirmed rumors state that Durant may consider challenging Kirk Cousins for starting QB next year in Washington
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma City faithful, there are only 26 days until the 2015-2016 season tips off but all anyone can seem to talk about is the pending free agency of the 2016-2017 season. I hope you aren't of the faint of heart because this season might just give you a heart attack by the time we reach the opening of free agency at the end of the season.

Stephen A. Smith is the 1st national media member to claim that he is "hearing" that IF Kevin decides to take his talents elsewhere that the Los Angeles Lakers would be his primary destination. He gave the following statement this week on ESPN's First Take:

"Regardless of how senseless it may (sound)," Smith said. "In one breath I’m hearing that if Kevin Durant doesn’t stay in Oklahoma City, L.A. is his primary objective and landing spot as opposed to South Beach or even his home of Washington, D.C."

Anthony Slater, the beat writer for "The Oklahoman," was able to get to the bottom of all of this nonsense when he was able to ask the new Deputy Publisher for The Players Tribune for his response to the rumors:

Stephen A. released the following statement on Twitter this afternoon:(@stephenasmith)

Regarding @KDTrey5 and his negative comments about me, let me say this: At NO time did I ever say I SPOKE to K.D. Or his family. Or his brother, friends, teammates, etc. (although I can assure you all I have on several occasions in the past). I said I HEARD from folks I know -- in a league I've been covering for 19 years -- that if he were to leave OKC as a free agent, these are the cities I was told he was considering. OKC. LA. Miami. DC. NY. I stand by it all. And that is that.

His assertion that I was lying is not only FALSE, but totally uncalled for. Especially from a player who receives nothing but praise not only from me, but from practically every media member you can find. Yet, for some reason, we're all the same folks who don't know *&%$ about the game of basketball. Whose thoughts he could give a &^%$ about. Essentially, individuals he wishes he'd never have to talk to.....that he's being forced to if someone has done something to him.....OF ALL PEOPLE!

Don't know what has happened to Mr. Durant over the years. But I know this much: We all win with his return, because he is an absolute superstar. The NBA is better with him. We're all at a loss without him.

It just appears that @KDTrey5 needs to learn something about today's world in professional sports:
We don't have to talk TO HIM to talk ABOUT HIM!

Folks like ME will still be here. Watching! Listening! Waiting! Reporting!

Whether he likes it or not. While he's here and long after he's gone.

Time to get use to it.

He followed this up by with another tweet :

Oklahoma City fans its time to buckle up because it is going to be a wild but bumpy ride and I cannot wait!