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Russell Westbrook Mountain Dew stuff review

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Cans, glasses, bracelets, socks, and even shoelaces!

Say it five times fast!
Say it five times fast!

So I was sent a very mysterious email from Mountain Dew last week. They asked whether I would like to receive something in the mail. Mail is the best, so I was in. Recently, this huge box showed up on my doorstep.


I was expecting something like a pamphlet, so this was pretty surprising. Obviously, I'm eternally grateful to recieve anything for free. Because all of this stuff was free, it gets an automatic A+ in my book.

But reviews are no fun if everything gets an A+. So here's what I really think of each item, taking into consideration that they were allegedly picked by Russell Westbrook himself.

Russell Westbrook branded Mountain Dew cans, designed by Naturel


These cans are available in stores now, and only for a limited time. Honestly, it's really cool to have one of my favorite basketball players on a can. This Mountain Dew design is my favorite, just because it's such a great caricature of Russ. I'm seeing a mix of comic book styling with more abstract styling as well, and I think it all meshes together. After all, Westbrook is half superhero, half mystery.


The second design, for Mountain Dew code red, is pretty cool too. I like that they kept the same artistic style but didn't just copy the stylings of the first can. It's also nice to have Westbrook's different expressions in play.

I would taste these sodas, but I only drink soda extremely rarely these days. Instead, I have used these cans to surround the evil Miami Heat championship Budweiser on my shelf.


Russell Westbrook Palisades Optical Flame Glasses



WHOH. These are the actual Russell Westbrook glasses, worn by Russell Westbrook! For those of you who don't know, Westbrook made these red frames famous during the 2012 NBA Finals. Of course, these aren't the same exact type that Russell wore, because these were made later and are of Russell's own brand. But these glasses are still worth $125! Let's see if they can improve my life.

Me, before glasses:


Me, after glasses:


Wow, that was amazing!

Tag Twenty Two Bead Bracelet


I've never seen Westbrook wear this type of bracelet before, but these are kinda cool. They seemed pretty sturdy on my mega-sized wrist.

Aglit Italy Leather Shoelaces


That's right, leather shoelaces. I mean, if I was going to wear some shoes for style, these are definitely functional. And in a really cool color that I could see Westbrook rocking. But I would never put these on a pair of gym shoes.

On a side note, that tube is the nicest shoelace container I've ever seen!

Stance Functional Athletic Crew Socks


These socks look pretty cool! My friend said that he had a pair of the same kind, and that they were pretty good. Unfortunately, my feet are size 14 and extremely wide. I could barely fit these socks around my feet, and felt silly for trying. They were $16 socks that I got for free though, so I had to make the attempt!

Still, Westbrook is pretty big on long crazy socks, so these definitely make sense.

Any thoughts on Russ' picks?