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Andre Roberson strong candidate to start

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Defense and corner threes are at a premium!

Just chillin', holdin' a basketball.
Just chillin', holdin' a basketball.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Roberson could already have the starting shooting guard position wrapped up. According to a recent practice report over at Daily Thunder, there were two factors that seemed to indicate Roberson would be the starter. For one, Billy Donovan mentioned today that trying to create a defensive identity was important when considering the starting shooting guard role. Secondly, yesterday, Westbrook indicated that Roberson was consistently on his squad in practice.

Furthermore, in a recent Q&A with NewsOK, Donovan mentioned that there was a premium on the corner three point shot in the NBA. Certainly, Morrow is the best on the team at corner threes. Morrow shot 50.4% from the corners last season. But Morrow is defensively limited, and Donovan stressed a defensive identity. This opens the door for Roberson and Waiters. Roberson shot 31.9% from the corners last season, while Waiters shot 33.6%. Given that Roberson is a much more skilled defensive player and rebounder than Waiters, doesn't it make sense that he'd have the advantage here?

Thanks to LastChance for mentioning this story in the comments.