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Artist modernizes all 30 NBA team logos and the Thunder's is totally different

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Another talented graphic artist has taken the time to reimagine all the team logos of the NBA. That artist, Addison Foote of St. George, UT, has modernized the lot of them, and some of the facelifts do indeed look really sharp.

Here's what he did with the Oklahoma City Thunder logo and his reasoning behind it:

21. Oklahoma City Thunder
OKC's mascot is a bison, so I created a tough looking bison and kept the shape of the shield from their current logo as the background. The shapes and lines throughout the logo depict lightning striking. I also removed the orange from their color scheme and added browns which I found more fitting.

I'll admit that brown is an odd color to have in an NBA logo (or uniform), but there's some appeal to this for me.

What do you all think? What are some of your other favorites? Which ones aren't so hot?