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Video: Strong defense and late Russell Westbrook surge help Thunder close out Wizards

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It started with some great pick and roll defense from Perk and ended with fireworks from our very favorite point guard.

Perk lets none pass in the paint.
Perk lets none pass in the paint.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

So Friday night's game against the Wizards was a reminder of just how good the Thunder are. Washington came into the game on a hot streak and really proved their offensive might, finishing the game with 27 assists. Thus, it would have to be OKC's defense that pulled the Thunder through in the final minutes, along with a couple of critical plays from Russell Westbrook. We break the final minutes down for you in the video below. Check it out!

I'm not entirely convinced that the Thunder have worked the kinks out of their late fourth quarter offense yet, but this game is promising. I do wish that they got just a little bit more creative in using other players. But still, I like what they ran today more than what they ran against Phoenix, Dallas, or Portland. Also, I really like how the Thunder's pressure let the Wizards take all of the inefficient twos they wanted. I mean, Washington finished the game shooting 46% from the floor in a loss. The Thunder weren't guarding shots; they simply wanted to protect the paint and generate turnovers. I'd say OKC accomplished that goal quite well.

Oh, and how far has Perk come? He's actually been playing better pick and roll D than Adams lately. It's great to have such a reliable big off the bench, especially when your starting center is still only 21. Something tells me Perk is going to be critical come playoff time, and that he's going to earn some sort of a contract in the off-season.

What did you think of how the Thunder finished up against Washington? Drop a comment and let us know!