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Video: Thunder give up 10 point swing, ignore Kevin Durant twice vs. Suns

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With Westbrook ejected, KD had to take over. Watch how OKC almost blew a seven point lead in the final five minutes.

Who left Ibaka on Bledsoe again?
Who left Ibaka on Bledsoe again?
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Back on New Year's Eve, the Thunder were in a really intense clash with the Phoenix Suns at home. Russell Westbrook had been ejected at the end of the first half, leaving it to KD to lead his team in the final minutes. The Thunder were in good position to win the game, up 7 with 4:50 to go.  Unfortunately, a simplistic offense and bad defensive strategy would rob the Thunder of the easy victory, forcing OKC to battle it out in overtime. We break down the last 7 minutes of the game in the video below. Check it out!

By the way, I don't believe that this end of game sequence was nearly as bad as what Russell pulled against the Blazers and Mavericks earlier this season, which speaks volumes about KD's effect on the team at the end of games. Still, so many little things could have been done to save this game, and it's not like the Suns were pulling off any sort of tactical genius. Frustrating to watch as a fan, but hay, at least we won it in overtime.

What did you think of the Thunder's play at the end of regulation? Is this analysis too harsh? Drop a comment and let us know!