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OKC Thunder Podcast: Down to Dunk - Is it Panic Time for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

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The Thunder lost to the Knicks on Wednesday night, and Thunder fans are in a panic.

It was just a normal Wednesday night. The Thunder were playing a 8-38 Knicks team and it seemed like OKC was going to be 2 game above .500 at the end of it. Wrong. In one of the worst performances of the season (or any season), they lost 100-92 and Thunder fans went from worried about their team to completely panicked.





All of this and a whole lot more from the local radio stations the next day. On today's podcast we try to digest this loss. What is wrong with the Thunder? Can it be fixed? We discuss what we would do and suggest some trades that could help the Thunder.

We also spend some time talking All Star reserves and who should have made it. There is also some normal DTD weirdness about restaurants, movies, and super heroes. Listen in and comment below!