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Rumor: would Kevin Durant consider joining the New York Knicks in free agency?

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A person close to Kevin Durant said that KD is considering the Knicks as his free agency approaches.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is considering joining the New York Knicks in free agency- per New York Daily News.

"No question about it," a person close to Durant said, per the Daily News. "Kevin loves Carmelo [Anthony]. It could work in New York. But never rule out the Thunder."

With questions lingering concerning Durant's free agency, teams like the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers have been tossed around; now the Knicks can be added to that list.

Durant and Carmelo Anthony have had a close relationship for years. They played on Team USA together in the Olympics.  Another incentive for Durant to depart to New York could be because Derek Fisher is the coach, another close friend and former teammate of his.

Rumors have been floating around for the past few years, and now that OKC may not reach the 8 seed, should we worry?

When you see New York stripping down and making salary dumps...that is when you panic.