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Thunder Podcast: Down to Dunk - the Thunder turn the corner

The Thunder seem to be back on track after a nice four game win streak.

The Thunder are two games above .500... and we are back to normal it seems. The Thunder are beating teams that they should. Tonight they play a red hot Hawks team in hopes of snapping their 14 game win streak. We discuss this game and how the Thunder have played over the past week. We also spend some time talking about the latest beef with Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoman. We also touch on Westbrook's play on the court which is exponentially more important than all the other stuff being talked about this week.

We answer all your questions today from which NBA players have we been wrong about, what's up with the Clippers, nicknames for players, the best jerseys, airballs, juggalos, farts, and Jalen Rose. We also try to make the Clippers better by trading Deandre Jordan in our latest Trade Calls. Thanks as always for listening. Please subscribe on iTunes!