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Phil Naessens Show: Russell Westbrook, all-star snubs, and NBA playoff hunts

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we answer some key questions about Russell Westbrook, the Thunder, and the immediate outlook. Listen in!

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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show, we dig into some of the many questions that Phil receives about the Thunder. Should Russell Westbrook be in the All-Star game? Do the Thunder have a legitimate shot to make the playoffs? We answer all this and more.

We also have a special note from Phil:

Yesterday I learned that the Phil Naessens Show was once again nominated for Podcast of the Year. This is the third year in a row the show has been nominated and I’m honored, flattered and completely humbled that folks like the show enough to nominate it for an award like Podcast of the Year.

I want to say I’m surprised to be nominated for Podcast of the Year but I’m not. The reason I’m not is because I work with the best writers in the business. Without them there wouldn’t even be a show or if there was it wouldn’t be very good let alone good enough to be nominated for Podcast of the Year.

The way this deal works is that the top ten nominated podcasts move on to a final voting round and about a month later the winner is announced. The nomination period ends on February 2nd. You can nominate as many podcasts as you would like and you can do so here. The category is sports and the URL to this show is

We are up against stiff competition as the CBS Sports, FOX Sports and ESPN’s of the world usually make it to the final round. Last year we fell just a little bit short of what we needed to move on to the final round. This year I think we have a good chance of not only making it to the final round but winning the Podcast of the Year award.

Today’s show is a perfect example of why this show is so great!

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