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Down To Dunk Podcast: Thunder are finally healthy so FULL SQUAD TIME

The Thunder finally have their full squad: time to go on a run.

© Mark D. Smith

Well, we thought the Thunder would have their full squad against the Pheonix Suns, and then Russ was ejected. Fair or not, the Thunder had to go on without him. Luckily Kevin Durant was back and ready to show everyone who the Most Valuable Player from last year is. We talk about how much we missed him, and how he is kind of underrated now. The talk has been all about Anthony Davis, but Durant is still a step above what he is. We discuss this and what will happen tonight against the Washington Wizards tonight in Oklahoma City.

We also have our usual Top Five Power Rankings, Trade Calls (we try to trade multiple players from the Denver Nuggets today), Miffed and Peeved, and all your Twitter questions. All this wrapped up in gender DTD weirdness.

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